UniFi Protect G4-PRO Camera


Superskarp 4K-kamera med 3x optisk zoom och kraftfulla infraröda lysdioder för nattsyn. IP67-klassad. Vår mest kraftfulla kamera hittills.

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Capture every detail with the 4K resolution G4-PRO camera. The G4-PRO is our most powerful camera yet, with a large 1/2" image sensor, 3X powered optical zoom lens, and integrated high-power infrared LEDs for night vision. The adjustable base can be mounted to a flat surface or a pole with the included mounting hardware.


    • 4K Video
    • Powered 3X optical zoom lens
    • Integrated 3X powered zoom lens ( Focal length 4.1mm ~ 12.3mm)
    • H.264 triple-stream encoding
    • FOV (H: 110˚~35 ˚ V:60 ˚ ~20˚)
    • 3840x2160, 1/2", 8MP sensor
    • IP67 support
    • wide angle IR LED for night vision